About this.  About that.  About that and this.  About a radical perspective.  About the end of self-loathing.  About a center and move away from accepting the double standards.  White Supremacy and privileging Whiteness be damned.

About the fault lines.  About what’s in between those lines.  About drawing clear lines of distinction.  About a distinct voice.  About a people still yearning to be free and free indeed.  More general-specific:

An investigation of issues confronting the African-American mind and community, N-Quest endeavors to take a long, hard look at the thoughts, ideas, aspirations and frustrations which shape the African-American Experience.



  1. It’s possible that Macon D objected only when you used the term “intellectual dishonesty” because he is no longer responding to me.

  2. Let me rephrase:

    Perhaps Macon D objected only when you used the term “intellectual dishonesty” because it is possible that he is no longer responding to me.

  3. I thought Macon responded to you after you used the term and didn’t bring attention to it or quibble over “the difference” until I used it.

    That was my only point. And then, as you note, there must be something about my communication style…

  4. What’s the email address associated with your WP account? I wanna invite you.


  5. I wanna invite you as an author of SWPS, but I need to input your email address associated with your WP account.

  6. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this until today. In fact, I sent you an email before I noticed your invite here.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  7. Just would like to inform you, since you seem to think that it’s a fictional idea that white people could have black ancestors who were subjected to slavery.
    In fact, a large population of whites have black ancestors in their family tree. You could easily prove this by taking DNA samples from every white person in America. Did you hear the story of when that white supremacist had his DNA taken and they found that he had black ancestors? That wasn’t just a coincidence that they did that… see scientists who study DNA and genetics , already are well aware that most white people in America have a direct ancestor that was a slave . So, they had rolled the dice and assumed that is what the outcome would have been, in order to humiliate the white supremacist.
    How it works is The slave owner, either had consensual sex with his “slaves” or forced sex, where they didn’t have much of a choice , because it was the slave master who wanted it. Well, their children went on to have children and so on and so forth. Was pretty common back in the days of slavery. The ones that had light enough skin color went on to live their lives as white people, and many of the owners would free their children that they had with their slaves. So, both white and black people a lot of times can link their family tree together, because of these instances.

    I have a prime example of a scenario where a white person would have a black ancestor that was enslaved.
    Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.
    Sally Hemmings was Jeffersons “Slave”, except that she really wasn’t his slave, but his lover. They had several children together, and their children had children and so on and so forth.
    Many of their descendants were able to go on to live life as white people, the ones who had a light skin complexion, at least.
    Jefferson had to keep this relationship a secret, although, it was obvious to most people what was going on between the two, when his “slave/lover” had several children that were either white or very light skinned. You can see why Jefferson would have to keep this secret in his time, it would have been controversial for a man in his position to be in an interracial relationship with his slave.
    Jefferson freed all his children with Sally Hemmings. Most of them went on to live successful lives and some went on to live successful lives as white people.
    Today there are many white descendants of Jefferson and Hemmings. There are also many black descendants.
    In fact, the black families of Jefferson went out of their way to prove that they were the direct descendants of Jefferson, by having their DNA compared with that of Jefferson and that of Hemmings. Consequently there are also white descendants of Sally Hemming (Jeffersons Black Slave/lover) … Of course you cannot tell that they have a black ancestor , from years of assimilation.
    This is just one very good , well documented, example.

    There are several white families in America that have black ancestors. Over time the families tried to hide the fact, or sweep it under the rug, because understandably there would societal consequences for being black at this time.
    If you test all of white America’s DNA you would be surprised to learn that more than half white families have a black ancestor in their family tree.
    You should educate yourself , this is not fabricated this has been proven. If Sally Hemming was not Jeffersons lover.. which she was, then she most certainly had white children, and was sexually involved with some white person.
    I could find several other examples if you would like, but I think you should look this up for yourself and educate yourself before you try to give somebody else bad information.

    So, then should these people be given reperations aswell? It is a proven fact , that there are several white people in the United States that have black ancestors that were slaves. There is no doubt or question about that.


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