Posted by: nquest2xl | August 5, 2008

Open Letter to Brother, Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Barack Obama,

I’ve watched your presidential candidacy with interest ever since you announced that you would run. For the first time in my life, I voted in a presidential primary to support you. I’ve also supported you by challenging the myths and misperceptions people have had about your candidacy, particularly as it relates to where you stand in terms of policies and ideas that will help in improving the lives of African-Americans.

To be sure, I appreciate the time, effort and thought that have gone into the policies you’ve authored or co-sponsored in Illinois and in the U.S. Senate. I do, however, have to voice my concern regarding what appears to be a different track and different approach your campaign is taking, perhaps, for obvious reasons but troubling ones, nonetheless.

I won’t beat around the bush: I feel that you have treated the African-American electorate differently than you have other constituency groups. And by that, I mean you have been, in my opinion, disrespectful to Black voters who, in a number of ways are responsible for where you are today in terms of the success of your campaign. A recent example was the way you treated the hecklers in Florida.

I understand, perhaps, the history of the group’s antipathy towards you and your candidacy but never in my life have I heard a candidate basically tell potential voters s/he didn’t want their votes which is, in my opinion, what you did when you told the hecklers they had other options beside voting for you.

I was quick to agree with you that they were ‘misinformed’ but part of the responsibility for informing voters falls on you. It’s clear you understand that as a candidate, as a politician, because that’s what you and your campaign did in Pennsylvania during the primaries during your 6 day bus tour.

So, I say all that (and I could say more) to say this: I would appreciate it if you and your campaign would see fit to treat Black voters like you do Latino, Jewish, Native American and White American voter groups.

Whether or not you know it or planned it, ever since your 2008 Father’s Day speech, there has been a marked difference in how you address Black audiences and non-Black constituencies. Most notable is the way you make sure you inform audiences at La Raza, LULAC, AIPAC, etc. exactly, specifically and, dare I say, exclusively what you intend to do for them via your role as president in the government every time you go before them.

And that’s the basic thing. It seems obvious to me that your job as a politician and as a candidate is to talk about what government can do (or stop doing) to improve the lives of whatever group you’re addressing and all Americans. In my opinion and, more importantly, by my assessment of the differences in the speeches you’ve given before different groups, you have not been as vigorous, thorough and enthusiastic in informing African Americans about what you intend to do for us — what your specific commitments are to us (like the cabinet positions or special committee or liaison you’ve committed to establishing for members of other groups).

I say this knowing the drastic change in emphasis from your Father’s Day speech in 2007 when compared to your 2008 speech. I say this observing how you’ve talked about the dire statistics in the Latinos and Native Americans communities, for example — whether it be drop out rates or alcoholism — but have not viewed those issues as an opportunity to do something that’s, in my opinion, outside of the scope of your office/position as a politician and that’s talk about anything other than what you and the government propose to do about the situation.

You’re a Christian brother and I appreciate your faith but I would be remiss if I did not note how when it comes to other groups you “look beyond all their faults and see their needs.” For the sake of your own candidacy, for Black people’s sanity, if nothing else, I would appreciate it if you would also take that approach with African-Americans now and use your own platform, your full complement of policies that address many of the concerns and issues in the Black community, so that none of us will be misinformed about where you stand or have misgivings questioning if your stance has changed.

God bless you and your campaign,
Be strong and unafraid,
With love and respect,

N ~



  1. I completely co-sign. I agree that those guys were misinformed and it is Obama’s duty to inform them. I think he has failed to understand that he does not have the enitre black vote on lock and that there are many that are still skeptical, unsure etc…They won’t vote for McCain, they will just stay home. He needs to get out as much black voters as possible. We are his firewall. I was a bit put off by his response. he would never say what he said to a white, Latino, Asian or Native American voter. It bothers me that he was pretty much like either vote for someone else/you have no choice or this why don’t you go do it yourself attitude. Someone in his camp needs to get through to him.

  2. Ye Ye,

    Barack Obama is no Christian.

    Have you ever met a Christian abortion advocate?

    This guy is de facto the most powerful and influential voice for the moral legitimacy in aborting future black progeny and you only strengthen this force by calling him a Christian?

    Uncle Tom ain’t got nothing on you, homey!

    • “Barack Obama is no Christian.
      Have you ever met a Christian abortion advocate?”

      First, I don’t give a damn about this tired ass abortion debate. Second, pro-choice people don’t advocate abortions but there have been plenty of racist White people who did. So please find a way to make a coherent statement as opposed to a “radical” (i.e. extreme — as in extremely exaggerated, extremely ridiculous, extreme jumping to unfounded conclusions, etc.)

      And let this be your warning. Bring up another tired ass issue like abortion on my blog and it will remain posted. Also, let it be known that I have no use for hypocrites which is exactly what so many so-called “pro-life” are.

      Further, you simply are not qualified to crown anyone a Christian or non-Christian. PERIOD.

      This guy is de facto the most powerful and influential voice for the moral legitimacy in aborting future black progeny and you only strengthen this force by calling him a Christian?

      EPIC FAIL.

      First of all, you are too transparent with this concern-troll role you’re playing. Second, emotional appeals don’t work with me. The same goes for racialized/essentialist emotional appeals especially from the likes of you.


    “You’re a Christian brother and I appreciate your faith…”

    Implicit in that line where I did NOT say “you’re MY Chrisitian brother” or “as a fellow Christians”… is the fact that I’m not a Christian. PLUS this thread is not about some tired azz, FAKE AZZ issue like abortion — i.e. fake because of the range of contradictory policies so-called pro-life voters support.

    Seeing as how this thread had NOTHING to do with abortion… seeing as how you are NOT qualified to speak on who is and is not Christian….


  4. There has to be some theory of “black man’s privilege” in here somewhere???

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