Posted by: nquest2xl | June 1, 2008

Damn You Barack!! The “Fault Lines” Series

Since I just started my blog (after a previous half-hearted attempt), I obviously got a lot a ground to cover because I got a big mouth and a lot to say (or I’m just long-winded and like to say the same things over and over; repetition breeds memory man… work with me).

Anyway, I just have to post this as my first entry regarding Obama’s trampling on the “fault lines”:

“…I didn’t see this as a member of the church, but I saw it yesterday… when you start focusing so much on the plight of the historically oppressed that you lose sight of what we have in common, that it overrides everything else, that we’re not concerned about the struggles of others, because we’re looking at things only through a particular lens, then it doesn’t describe properly what I believe in the power of faith to overcome, but also to bring people together.”

I’ll save my comments for later (I have to calm down every time I think about that line from his April 29th press conference denouncing Rev. Wright). I will, however, note how Obama’s remarks, besides lacking credibility (he didn’t see it?) , fall right along the fault line as far as the different, if not competing, worldviews that exist in the African-American community. I’m talking long-standing traditions in African-American thought.

Long and short, I consider it an insult and an assault not only on Black folks sanity but the sanctity a compelling, enduring worldview — one that obviously held some sway with brother Barack. So, frankly, I find it unacceptable and beyond the pale for Mr. NoWhiteAmericaNoBlackAmerica, yes, Mr. NoRedNoBlueStates Obama to seek to “get beyond our divisions” as a nation while having little regard for coming to respectful terms with the people and views held in the Black community that aren’t closely aligned with his up to and including his generational rhetoric and his Mini-Me Cosby “personal responsibility” routine.

Which is funny… In this segement of this Blogging Heads diavlog, Jonathan Alter credits Obama for his Chicken & Chips comment to contradict Mickey Kaus’ claim that Obama’s supposed lack of quick, swift metro speed bump testing, with Rev. Wright as the human speed bump, epitomizes Obama fear of lecturing the Black community about the ever present victim-mentality we’re supposed to have that’s so in need of Black leaders coming out and talking about it (and it only, as quiet as it is kept).

Now how’s that for “giving comfort to those who prey on hate” (the way Obama “caricatured” Rev. Wright’s “performance” at the National Press Club.

You did notice the Chicken & Chips link, didn’t you? Well, the source article wasn’t only praised by Freepers, it got quite a few thumbs up at Stormfront.


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