Posted by: nquest2xl | June 1, 2008

Damn You Barack!! … for playing the *poor White* card

It’s like the stores stocking up before the holidays. The cards are in ready supply. Throughout this presidential campaign the “poor White” card has been thrown out, willy nilly, to no end. It’s been used against Barack Obama and used by Obama himself:

Once you get past that “piece of each other ” rhetoric (amongst other problematic rhetoric of his), you’ll see where he plays the “poor White” card to ill effect. It happened when he said:

“When we’re talking about White Americans, we… can’t pretend that they don’t have problems… everybody is having tough times.”

It goes without saying that when a statement is made in favor of Black folks in any way remotely similar that it would be called or treated as some part or extension of the “victim-mentality.” But, hey, Obama has “problems” with that slice of the American demographics so appealing to them by telling them how they are “victims” and other people just don’t understand how hard things are for them… Well, you got to excuse that, right?

Not around here we don’t. I’ll explain why I find Obama’s very appealing rhetoric very damn problematic in a future thread.

(Disclaimer: I acknowledge/believe it’s a winning message, IMO, to say we all need to “work together; it’s just that it’s historically challenged, patently shallow and just plain wrong to point the finger at Black and Brown folks).



  1. […] That last statement, alone, is in stark contrast to what’s been previously presented here before. Gone is the “everybody is having tough times” rhetoric of hardship equalization. […]

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